Benoît Marguet - Champagne

Benoît is the new generation in the Marguet house and he was seriously taking over by implementing the bio-dynamical concept into his Champagne. He considers bio-dyn not just as a style oder a method. For him it´s more a holistic lifestyle with a spiritual approach. That might sound funny for some critics, who are not open for such things, but this will stop when tasting his wines. The precision of the fruit in the wines, especially in the Rosé (Cassis, Cranberry, dark berries,..) and perfect body with its great structure, elegance and length has something magical, that is hard to describe.  There is an incredible energy above, around and deep in the wines of Marguet. Fascinating! 

Benoît Marguet - Shaman Rosé Grand Cru

67% Chardonnay / 33% Pinot Noir 

55,00 €

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Benoît Marguet - Bouzy 2013 Grand Cru

77% Pinot Noir / 23% Chardonnay

69,00 €

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Benoît Marguet - Chouilly 2013 Grand Cru

100% Chardonnay

75,00 €

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